What abilities are you grateful for today?

When I read this question I actually looked up "ability" on Google (obviously) and it says a skill, talent, or proficiency. But it's also if you are just able to do something.

Have you seen "Me Before You" yet? Oh my heck. It is the happiest sad movie (mostly happy, I think) I have ever seen. In general, I hate movies that are complicated or have sad endings. Just give me a romantic comedy or action movie and I won't end up super mad or overwhelmed and bawling at the end.

If you've seen the previews (no spoiler alerts) then you know the lead guy is a quadriplegic. What really bothers him about the whole situation is that he loved life and lived his life to the complete fullest, and now he's in a wheel chair and can't do anything that he could before. It seriously eats at him.

After the movie I really thought about how amazing it is just to be able to use my limbs every day, to walk, to run, to hold things in my arms, and use my hands almost every minute of the day. I am so grateful for all of those things.

I loved in the movie when Will (lead guy) says, "You only have one life. It's actually your duty to live it as fully as possible." We have the ability to do so many amazing things in life! Travel! Learn something new! Help people! Be the person you want to be, and do the things you want to do. :)

What about you? What abilities are you grateful for today?



What knowledge are you grateful for?

Lately I have been very grateful for my knowledge of sewing and graphic design. I am so grateful I was able to go to college (no matter how painful it was) and learn about something that interested me. I feel like a lot of people are afraid they'll never find something that they really love, and I am very lucky to have found two (so far).

Learning is such an amazing gift, and I am married to someone who takes full advantage of it every day. Dallas is constantly learning and developing his skills, and it makes me feel motivated to do the same with what I'm doing.

Learning can also be a really hard thing at the start, and even after you've been doing something for a while. I was talking to Dallas a while ago about how I always had super creative friends who were good at drawing and hand lettering, and I was so hungry to learn more and get better at it. But whenever I tried, I felt like it wasn't good at all and that I would never get better, so I would quit.

Graphic design is one of those things that I really love, but some days I just want to give up because I feel like it's not good, or it's never going to get better. But thankfully I have a cheerleader (Dallas) who isn't going to let me quit, because he has seen my progress and knows that I am getting better.

Sewing is something that I love so much that even on days when I am SO frustrated with it, I can't stay away from it because I am determined to get it right. I've been sewing for over a year now, I think (not consistently), but it now only takes me about 2.5 hours to make a shirt instead of it taking me 5-6 hours, like it did when I first started (not exaggerating).

Knowledge and learning live forever, and I am grateful for the things I have been able to learn.

What about you?


DIY Swing Dress

I have been wanting to sew a swing dress/shirt for a long time, and since I've been feeling good, I jumped on the opportunity to use the McCall's pattern M6886. If you follow Riva La Diva, she always uses it, so I knew it had to be a great basic dress pattern.

The pattern is very basic and doesn't have darts, so it's best for knit fabrics. The fabric I used is from The Loft (Michael Lavine's Upstairs), and I was a little bit unsure of it when I was buying it, but I basically love it. The pattern is unique (kind of reminds me of a stone wall), and the fabric didn't roll at all, so it was really easy to work with.

Swing dresses are super easy to draft yourself with any t-shirt or dress pattern you have. All you have to do is:

  1. Cut out the main bodice from the top (where the neckline is) until the bottom of the arm hole, like normal.
  2. Then, put your finger on the bottom of the arm hole and pivot the bottom of your pattern to the angle you desire (making the bottom wider).
  3. Cut a straight line from the bottom of the arm hole all the way to the bottom of your dress.
  4. Once you've done that, you can just cut the bottom like normal, matching up with the original bottom. (Here is a great graphic of how it should look about halfway down the page.)

Swing dresses are great for maternity and non-maternity, and I was so glad to sew one up that I can wear even after pregnancy!

I love this pattern. It's so basic and versatile that I'm excited to be able to use it for future dress creations.

And in case you were wondering, here is the GIANT mural I was standing in front of. :)



Today's Grati-Tuesday question is a weird one, but we're just gonna go for it!

What texture are you grateful for today?

I love soft knit fabrics. They are my weakness. I just finished sewing a dress for my sister and the fabric was sort of a pain to sew with, but it was so soft that I was partially ok with it.

I also designed some really cool t-shirts for my husbands crew, and when I got them, they had been printed on a not so soft cotton (when I had been very adamant about wanting the soft ring spun fabric), so this pregnant lady got them reprinted... They are perfect now!

So maybe I'm a little too grateful for soft fabrics? Oh well.

I'm also a huge fan of the texture of ice cream. I may like it so much that I ate it twice today. That's fine, right?

So what texture are you grateful for today? Let me know in the comments! :)