What abilities are you grateful for today?

When I read this question I actually looked up "ability" on Google (obviously) and it says a skill, talent, or proficiency. But it's also if you are just able to do something.

Have you seen "Me Before You" yet? Oh my heck. It is the happiest sad movie (mostly happy, I think) I have ever seen. In general, I hate movies that are complicated or have sad endings. Just give me a romantic comedy or action movie and I won't end up super mad or overwhelmed and bawling at the end.

If you've seen the previews (no spoiler alerts) then you know the lead guy is a quadriplegic. What really bothers him about the whole situation is that he loved life and lived his life to the complete fullest, and now he's in a wheel chair and can't do anything that he could before. It seriously eats at him.

After the movie I really thought about how amazing it is just to be able to use my limbs every day, to walk, to run, to hold things in my arms, and use my hands almost every minute of the day. I am so grateful for all of those things.

I loved in the movie when Will (lead guy) says, "You only have one life. It's actually your duty to live it as fully as possible." We have the ability to do so many amazing things in life! Travel! Learn something new! Help people! Be the person you want to be, and do the things you want to do. :)

What about you? What abilities are you grateful for today?

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